Steve Faberman & Al Filosa
300 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Waltham, MA 02451
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Our Philosophy

We are financial planners first and foremost. All of our recommendations to clients come as the result of building, implementing and monitoring a well-rounded and highly inclusive Financial Plan. This plan includes Retirement Planning, Income-Tax Planning, Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning, Long-Term Care planning, and finally Investment Allocation Planning. We customize and tailor each plan to the individual client, but the planning philosophies are the same across all of our clients.

We believe that it’s impossible over long periods of time to accurately predict which part of the stock market will outperform or when it is the ideal time to get in or out of the stock market and for those reasons we don’t spend one minute of our day trying to be the “next Warren Buffet.” We believe investors are best off investing in passively-managed funds of stocks with exposure to many different areas of the stock market including both here in the US as well as overseas in Developed and Emerging Markets. We believe in broad diversification not only in the stock market, but in other assets classes as well including fixed income and real estate.
Lastly, we feel strongly that regular and ongoing communication with clients is essential to a healthy and successful financial planning relationship. We prefer to see our clients 2-3 times per year and clients should expect to hear from us at least once a month via client-wide emails.